Mission and Goals

Reece Academy is a national award magnet school in Aldine I.S.D. offering Montessori Instruction, Direct Instruction, and Fine Arts.

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Our Mission

Our Mission and Vision
The mission and vision of Reece Academy is building strong foundations for young students to ensure future successes and excellence. All students at Reece Academy have the opportunity to develop their unique talents and academic skills thru Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten’s Direction Instruction or Montessori programs featuring the Fine Arts.

Our Goals

Reece Academy’s goals and objectives are directed toward student success which reflects our magnet theme. Reece Academy's students and faculty have high expectations of each other while engaging in daily cultural and social learning which requires a connection between learner and educator.

  • Our Kindergarten students will demonstrate mastery of the benchmark targets at the 90% or higher.
  • Our Prekindergarten students will demonstrate mastery of Aldine ISD's Pre-K Curriculum.
  • Our student attendance rate will reach 95% monthly.
  • Our students will be encouraged to speak in complete sentences.
  • Our students will be able to problem-solve and think critically.